The Spirit behind “Spirit Within Art”

Isabella Samovsky, co-founder Entrepreneur and co-founder of Spirit Within Art, Isabella (“Bel”) Samovsky has been a businesswoman for much of her life. Her experience at operating and managing a small business is extensive and well-acquainted with success. Creating a well-loved grassroots and unique wellness company that included handcrafting and importing fair trade goods wholesale and retail, she […]

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Eye On Eco-Biz: Wildflower Tie Dye 

Wildflower Tie Dye | website: Valerie, the owner of Wildflower Tie Dye, was drawn to tie-dying after a lifelong interest in “hippie culture” and a desire to express her creativity through color. Wildflower Tie Dye started as a hobby and quickly turned into an online tie dye boutique. Valerie has been creating her unique tie-dye […]

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